No one wants to come home after a long day at work to find their sofa shredded by sharp claws along with picture frames and other items knocked off of shelves and onto the floor. By adding a cat tree to your house, you will be not only keeping your cat occupied and happy but also be helping to protect your possessions from damage. Here’s a fast introduction to one pet playground every feline owner needs to check out.

Cats Have Unique Needs

Keeping your pet in an environment where they don’t have access to a place for burning off their natural energy is not just unfair, but can also end up causing both you and your cat serious frustration. Kitties need to be able to climb, play, scratch and explore just like they would if they were living outdoors and if they don’t have somewhere to do so your couch, shelves, counter tops, and book cases will most likely be used as a substitute. This can end in disaster as not only can it be dangerous but many owners end up giving away their cat thinking that it is out of control, when all their pet really needed was their own spot to for their unique yet normal cat behaviors.

These Trees Are Better Than The Real Thing Outdoors

A cat tree is the simplest way to keep your feline busy. These are free-standing units that offer everything cats could dream of in the outdoors but of course designed to be used safely inside the home. They have multiple posts to be climbed and perches to be explored and slept on. Pets love to be high up giving them the feeling they are snoozing just like a wild cat would up in a tree. Plus, these trees unlike real ones normally include scratching posts to keep claws in great condition and curb the urge to scratch expensive furnishings. Many also include attached toys to keep kitty busy for hours on end with no mess involved.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Big

Even though the average tree is full of fun, there are choices for owners who want to literally take it up a notch. A tall cat tree allows cats who love to climb the chance to go even higher while only taking up the same footprint as ones which are much shorter in height. This is fantastic as it makes a smart use of vertical space that otherwise would remain un-used. For even more activities and larger places to hide, sleep, and play a cat tree condo is the preferred choice for pampered pets whose owners want to keep them as satisfied as possible. These are a bigger and more intricate type of cat trees which are well known for tiring out and then providing your pet with a range of places to take a nap.

Responsible cat owners know that keeping their felines busy means keeping them happy. A cat tree will help keep your belongings from becoming the focus of your pet’s attention by giving it the ultimate multi-level playground. By adding one to your home, you’ll instantly be transforming your space into a cat friendly environment that is safe and fun.

Source by Mike Hartwick