One fine day… I don’t know as if to call it a fine day or otherwise but let’s assume it was a fine day. I kick started my day as I hurried for my college hours in the morning. It was a rainy day and the showers were in no mood to settle, the roads were all wet with the potholes stretching to the extremes as if struggling to expand their territory. And here I was wearing a formal outfit in the middle of my journey, just about to take off for the upcoming events in the day. But lesser did I know about the consequences that this day would bring to me.

Also I least expected those consequences, if any, to enlighten me up with the touch of emotion I always wander for. A truck loaded with goods flew past me, splashing the dirty and muddy water onto me in a blink of an eye. It was fast. I had no time to react. This was the beginning. Later in the day, my college hours went fine (let’s assume they went just fine enough to be called fine) and by the time when everyone was about to have their lunch, I was exhausted and hence decided rather to wander around the college campus and offer myself a comfortable walk. Just then, I spotted a cat family (let’s assume it was a family). I say this because the parent cat was resting nearby a baby cat who was restless and in playful mood as any other baby would have been.

The scene wasn’t that artistic, with the two resting under a maze of the trees and surrounded by mud all around to play with. And that’s what I thought when I noticed the baby cat playing on its own with the mud. The rain had stopped by now, and there was enough time for the mud down there in the bright sun to turn into raw dry solid crystals. But one peculiar move caught my attention and suddenly I realized I was staring at one of the biggest secrets of human life.

The baby cat, restlessly tried to dig off the mud. She would throw back the mud that was dug off from the ground using her two little paws and then turn the other way around to repeat the process. But due to the fact that she knew close to nothing about that act, every time she turned to the other position and repeated the process, she was actually filling up the dug out hole again. One after the other, she tried and tried to minus as much as mud she could but the next moment she would end up adding some fraction of the collected heap back to the sink. She decided to continue the struggle though, unlike humans who chose to surrender soon as they sense a flipper in their life. Often time it may have happened to you, that you try to fix things up or approach a certain goal in your life but later in time you end up screwing things badly. You feel there is something terribly wrong, when the things never turn out the way you wanted to. Earlier in the morning, that poor truck screwed my thoughts, but this little baby cat though will talk to me or listen to my thoughts, in a way taught me something remarkable.

This means, if ever you feel in life that you wish to achieve something just the way you have dreamed about it, then the only way to approach this is to start and initiate a learning attitude in you about the respective context. Learning before taking any step, is expected. You can any way follow the path blindly but then again take notes on the consequences it would generate for you. You want to become a doctor in so and so field, begin by taking the required courses. You wish to become an electronics or mechanical or civil engineer, take the required courses. Learn the way, winners do, by going deep into the fabric of knowledge and extracting the treasure of ultimate success in life. That’s the mantra for Practical Success, isn’t it?

To achieve the expected, first do the expected.

Source by Akshay Varma