Calcium orotate is widely used in making calcium supplements. Studies have shown that it’s better than calcium carbonate in terms of its ability to reach down to each and every cell where it is needed. In addition to its connection with bone health, calcium orotate has also been found to be connected with weight loss. How? Let’s find out.

Research shows that calcium orotate causes suppression of the appetite, and therefore assists in weight loss. Furthermore, it is completely safe to be consumed by people of all ages since it does not increase the blood pressure. Because of these reasons calcium orotate and weight loss are closely related.

Calcium carbonate supplements work best when taken after meals, whereas calcium orotate supplements can be taken anytime during the day even when you haven’t eaten anything. It causes appetite suppression and many other chemical reactions in the body which have long-term health effects.

The effects of calcium orotate in weight loss last for many hours. If you want to eat only 2 or 3 times a day, just take one pill of calcium orotate before or after a meal and see the results for yourself. Many people have already benefited from this formula and you might be the next.

Although tea or coffee is strongly discouraged in calcium deficiency, you can enjoy them occasionally when using calcium orotate in weight loss. Other mineral orotates like magnesium orotate can also be used for weight loss and for the prevention of many diseases. The best part is, these supplements also help in overcoming calcium deficiency and eradicate the need for consuming any other tablets.

Other calcium supplements that assist in weight loss are coral calcium tablets. Coral calcium, especially the one obtained from Okinawa island of Japan is a pure form of calcium carbonate which also contains traces of many other minerals important for health. It helps in reducing stomach acidity, and therefore assists in proper digestion of food.

Studies have shown that coral calcium gets readily absorbed in the bloodstream because of its high absorption rate. It does not cause any side effects and people of all ages, especially elderly people and pregnant women can consume it without any reservation.

Don’t forget to read user reviews and comments about these supplement products before buying them online. A majority of people out there are completely satisfied with the effectiveness of both calcium orotate and coral calcium in the context of weight loss.

Source by John Gibb