When you see your cats meowing a lot and the pitch is high, it doesn’t mean that it is hungry and it doesn’t mean you have to get up and feed it. This will not only ruin your cat’s manners but it will also make a cat think that by meowing my human will feed me. This will just make your cat obese and will disrupt its feeding hours.

Cats meowing means a lot of things apart from food demands. Your cat might meow due to a number reasons, for instance, they might have some problem, they might be complaining of some pain, they might need medical attention, they might need to go to their litter boxes, they might be warning you or they might be just wanting to talk to you or to grab your attention.

Let me give you an example here. In February 2011, late after 11pm, I returned home after a one hour visit to my aunt. When I returned, my male blue Persian cat was very hyperactive, he was running here and there and was meowing in a heavy voice. My first thought was maybe he’s getting excited to see me after I was away for an hour or maybe he needs food. I went into the kitchen and gave him his food in his bowl and returned to my bedroom and got busy with my computer. The meowing continued and this time my cat kept on pulling my shirt and literally dragged me towards my entrance door. However again I ignored him and took him to his food bowl where I saw that his food was untouched. I, then, reached into my cabinet and grabbed a pouch of his favorite cat food. He even resisted that. After 2 minutes my cat just ran and went under my bed and that was the time I felt strong tremors of an earthquake measuring 7.6 on the recto scale. I grabbed my footwear my cat and ran downstairs. That was the time I got to know that my cat’s meowing was actually a warning for me to get out of the house and find a safe place so that I can be saved. However no harm was caused in my city.

After this incident, I figured out that cat’s meowing means a lot apart from showing hunger or food demands. If one is sick and tired of useless meowing and is annoyed of this habit, then your cat can be trained well. When your cat is meowing, ignore them. Once they are silent and settled in feed them with a treat. You need to make a schedule of your life in which you can assign a specific time period in which you can play with your cat and spend quality time with it. Ignorance can also lead into excessive meowing. If you notice your cat is meowing and not purring, it means there’s some trouble with your cat or there is a warning.

Source by Uzair M Sardar