Does your cat wake you up too early in the morning? Do you just for once want to sleep in on the weekend without him or her waking you up? Well by doing some simple things you can help take back your morning routine.

Perhaps you just got a new cat, or perhaps the cat you have had for years has suddenly started to wake you up early in the morning. Many people don’t realize how easy it is to change your cat’s routine so it more closely matches your own.

Cats are notorious for sleeping throughout the day. Cats will spend almost three fourths of the day sleeping and taking naps, and just lounging around. With all this rest it is easy for cats to wake up early in the morning. But the problem is you don’t have that much rest and you stayed up late last night watching TV.

Many people complain to me that their cats wake them up too early; well the simple solution is to make your cat more active during the evening. In the evening while you are doing laundry or doing dishes your cat is sleeping. During this period you need to make your cat more active to tire him or her out, so they need to sleep longer in the morning.

By playing with your cat in the evening before bed you are doing yourself the favor of a peaceful morning. Many people report that this simple change in activity for their cat has solved a big problem for them.

Don’t just give your cat a bunch of toys, but play with your cat and make them run around and get active. Not only will this tire them out, but it will help keep them in top shape.

So what are you waiting for, stop watching your TV and play with your cat!

Source by Chris Suckow