Throughout the history of mankind gold has given rise to all kinds of legends and myths: some associate it with wealth and lust for power, while others see it as an archetypal symbol and a true master healer. If the ancients spoke in terms of worship about this precious mineral, things have changed a lot in our times when we are particularly interested in the practical side of it. If it can help in the treatment of various health conditions, then gold is the right thing for us. Many naturopaths consider this pure metal a great remedy for blood, skin and heart disorders.

First of all, the very working principle of colloidal gold solutions is that of purification by the elimination of blockages at all body levels. Gold acts like a non-toxic energy source that strengthens and amplifies the normal functions of your system; therefore it is successfully used to treat dyslexia, epilepsy and even autism. At the brain level, colloidal gold acts on both lobes, balancing the brain mechanism by neuro-regeneration. The benefit for the nerves is manifold, but mainly, the coordination from brain to organs, via the nervous impulse is dramatically improved. During a treatment with colloidal gold, anger and temper will seem a bad memory.

Besides an incredible level of energy, colloidal gold will also make your spirits brighter. It is considered to bring balance and peace of mind, somehow preventing any form of spiritual “corrosion”. What is the mechanism that lies behind the great healing properties? Gold particles in suspension represent an excellent conductive environment; at the very basis of the nervous and energetic functions of the body, there lies the electron movement between various cells and tissues. Consequently for brain and body stimulation, colloidal gold is an excellent cure due to its electrolytic properties.

Used in combination with its “twin” brother – colloidal silver, colloidal gold represents a natural source of energy and longevity. Studies have pointed out that the boost in energy reported by colloidal gold users ensures the longer functionality of the organs preventing physical and mental decay associated with old age. Results are amazing even in the case of chronic patients who may be facing malnutrition as a consequence of the disease; colloidal gold reduces the general physical wasting and strengthens the body in the fight against external and even internal aggression. Administered daily, colloidal gold improves and prolongs life.

Source by Ben W Taylor