There are plenty of diseases and afflictions that many people have, but irritable bowel syndrome and iritis are two disorders that can cause severe pain for anyone who has them. Irritable bowel syndrome mainly affects the bowels and bowel habits, while iritis is more associated with the inflammation of the eye.

One of the reasons that these two disorders can be severe and painful to those who have them is because they can often be misdiagnosed or completely missed altogether.

Nevertheless, thousands of people suffer from these 2 diseases each day. Fortunately, though, there are some great relief options for those who are inflicted with this. Here is some more information about these two disorders, though, and what some of the treatment options are. Even though there are hardly any shared symptoms between irritable bowel syndrome and iritis because they are two different disorders, many of the symptoms center on great pain in both of the areas that are afflicted.

For starters, irritable bowel syndrome causes pain with the bowels, often provoking diarrhea, constipation, and terrible abdominal pain. In fact, one of the greatest indicators of this disorder is the abdominal pain, which is why it’s so important to indicate that symptom to the doctor.

On the other hand, since iritis is involved with inflammation of the iris part of the eye then one of the obvious symptoms and signs associated with this disorder is pain in the eye. There can be various degrees of pain also associated with iritis, but the pain mainly affects the eye whenever light is exposed to it.

The next issue that is important to cover concerning irritable bowel syndrome and iritis is the different treatment options. When you discover or think you might have one of these diseases then it’s always best to speak to your doctor first before using any treatment methods. But if you do have a confirmed case of ibs and iritis then there are some important options your doctor will pose to you.

First, iritis treatment will often involve a series of eye drops which will decrease the swelling and inflammation in your eye. Chances are that your physician will also prescribe a medication for the pain at least until the swelling in your eye is down.

On the other hand, ibs has a different type of medication, especially since this disorder is often chronic and sticks with those who discover that they have it. Laxatives are definitely an option with irritable bowel syndrome but chances are that your doctor will not keep you on this type of medication for long.

Other types of medication that will help irritable bowel syndrome, though, include Tegaserod, Alosetron, and Cilansetron. On the other hand, one of the major components of treatment for irritable bowel syndrome is focusing on your diet to include more fruits, vegetables, and an overall healthy lifestyle plan.

All of these treatment methods are great for helping individuals afflicted with both of these diseases. As mentioned, these two diseases are very serious to those who have them, and if you think that you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and iritis then it would be best to be checked out by a doctor.

All in all, though, irritable bowel syndrome and iritis do have important treatment options and these options can significantly reduce the symptoms and pain that is felt with both irritable bowel syndrome and iritis.

Source by Jessica Bradbury