My first experience with a chiropractor was as an 11-year old en route to hockey practice. My friend’s Mom was going in for her bi-weekly adjustment and asked if my friend and I would like to come in and watch. I thought, “Sure! It’s got to be better than sitting in the car”. I watched the Doctor use his hands to do these things he called adjustments. My friend’s Mom got up from the adjustment and said, “Ahhh, that was amazing!”

I thought “WOW! That was cool!” So, I asked his Mom what just happened. She explained that she had chronic pain for years and finally decided to go see a chiropractor. After she started going, it helped her with the chronic pain. She felt so good and energetic that she was now going for maintenance care.

I said to her,” I want to do this when I grow up”. She asked why and I remember saying, “Well I always wanted to work with my hands and help people, and this seems like a good way to do both. I had just witnessed this awesome experience and I thought maybe I should look into this chiropractor thing Here was the interesting thing. I had decided that I wanted to become a chiropractor even though I had never experienced chiropractic care.

That all changed a few years later when my mother began to suffer from chronic migraines. She had been tested by many doctors, but no one could seem to help. The headaches were getting worse and now interfering with family time. My mother was at the end of her rope! Then a friend suggested my Mom see a chiropractor. She was willing to try anything at this point.

My Mom had a check-up and the doctor told her that he might be able to help. I was there when my Mom received her first adjustment and over time her headaches became less painful and then less frequent. I remember for a while my mother was missing family functions because her headaches where always affecting her. So, when I witnessed the transformation in her health, I REALLY decided that chiropractic was what I wanted to do. That’s also when my mother decided that I was going to be under chiropractic care and I received my first adjustment.

So, I set forth in my studies to pursue this dream. I studied Kinesiology and then worked as a personal trainer using all this knowledge to help me get into chiropractic school. And now here I am entering my second decade as a chiropractor.

I am living my dream and doing what I love to do – using my hands, knowledge and experience to help people.

Thank-you for reading.

Source by Surbjit Herr