1. Cats make for the most preferred pet in the US. Their population is 88 million, compared to 74 million of dogs.

2. Some cats are known to have remained alive even after falling down from thirty-two stories onto concrete.

3. A cluster of cats is called a clowder.

4. A cat spends seventy percent of its lifetime sleeping.

5. A cat has more than twenty muscles to control its ears.

6. These small felines are not able to identify sweetness.

7. Having a cat as a pet reduces the chances of heart attack/stroke by 30%

8. When a cat grimaces, it is generally “taste-scenting.” Cats possess an additional organ, which with a breathing control, allows them to sense taste of air.

9. The middle of tigers’ and tabbies’ tongue is covered with spines pointing in backward direction which they use for gripping and breaking meats.

10. A cat’s purr can be a sign of contentment or nervousness. It could be a kind of self-healing.

11. There is evidence suggesting that cats have been here since 3600 B.C. That is two thousand years earlier than the pharaohs of Egypt.

12. The frequency of spur of a domestic cat equals the rate at which its bones and muscles repair themselves.

13. Adult cats meow only for communicating with humans.

14. Usually, cats are unable to digest lactose, so don’t feed them milk!

15. Likewise, cats should not be served fish.

16. Female cats are normally right pawed, but male cats are frequently left pawed.

17. Cats can produce nearly a hundred different sounds, while dogs can produce about ten.

18. Cat’s brain is more similar to a human brain compared to that of a dog.

19. The brains of cats and humans have almost matching sections that cause emotions.

20. The data storage capacity of a cat is 100 times more of an iPad.

21. Compared to dogs, the social IQ of cats is poorer, but they can work out more difficult cognitive problems whenever they are in a mood to do so.

22. In case of cats, the part of brain that processes information contains 300 million neurons; the corresponding figure for dogs is 160 million.

23. Compared to dogs, cats possess longer term memory, more so when they learn by doing things than by just seeing them.

24. There are five toes on the front paws of a cat and four on the back, except when it is a polydactyl.

25. The credit of inventing the first cat door goes to Isaac Newton.

26. Initially, a kitty litter comprised of sand, but got swapped by more spongy clay during 1948.

27. By using their whiskers, these felines can assess if they can fit into a given space.

28. A domesticated cat is quicker than Usain Bolt.

29. A cat is able to jump up to 6 times its length.

30. Cats use only their foot pads for sweating out.

31. One legend has it that cats got created as a Lion on Noah’s Ark, which sneezed and two kittens were delivered.

32. When this small feline leaves its poop uncovered, interpret it as their sign of aggression, meaning they are not afraid of you.

33. Cats can influence humans by changing their meow. For example, they emulate human baby when they want food.

Source by Karina Popa