OUCH!! Shin splints, sore muscles, sprained ankles, dehydration, sun poisoning. You know the routine. One could take pain killers, muscle relaxants and the like, but why add to the toxic load when the goal is to fine tune the body, not burden it?

Consider homeopathy. It has a reputation among knowledgeable sports figures for relieving pain, reducing swelling and leaving the sufferer with a sense of well being. And this is done without side effects.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t advocate treating serious injuries with out the aid of a trained medical professional. I urge my students, however, to become aware of their ability to treat many everyday ailments with the world’s most powerful medical method. Homeopathy is an accepted, revered medical discipline used worldwide in hospitals and clinics. In England, nearly 40% of doctors are homeopaths and those who aren’t, often refer patients to those who are. Unfortunately, it has not been used in American medicine since its demise as a result of political and financial issues.

With the purchase of a small homeopathy kit that costs around $150, a simple homeopathy book, a CD or short tele-seminar, one can treat most sports injuries or at least get the work begun before seeing a professional healthcare provider. If the injury requires emergent care, you’ll know just which remedy to take on the way to the hospital. Many a student of mine has reported that they were well enough to turn around in the parking lot of the hospital because the remedy worked fast and effectively. Even after an emergency room visit, a well-chosen homeopathic remedy will often hasten recovery and reduce pain.

Take Arnica montana, for instance. For a sprained ankle, this homeopathic remedy has been shown to reduce pain and swelling within minutes to hours. And the amount of time to resolve the injury will usually be diminished by 50%, report the great homeopaths. Even if you decided to buy only one remedy instead of a kit of many, your money would be well spent on a small bottle of Arnica montana 200. For around $15 U.S., you’ll have peace of mind for the next spill. This is reason enough to keep a bottle in your camping gear or athletic bag.

Arnica is considered an analgesic after trauma, yet this is selling this powerhouse too short. It is the premiere remedy for any mechanical injury such as concussions, broken limbs, injury to soft tissue and even post-operative pain and swelling. When a bed feels too hard, even long after an injury, think of Arnica montana. It is an excellent sports injury remedy both for injuries such as broken bones as well as those due to over use. Even arthritis flare-ups can be relieved by a few doses or a period of three to five days worth of Arnica. It will also address a goose-egg injury to the head or a hematoma to soft parts such as the thigh. The swelling and pain will be soothed in short order. It will absorb the trauma, removing that weakened sensation after an injury, and put the sufferer in balance.

Whether for a mild injury or one that requires medical treatment, homeopathy can absorb the shock, minimize and often remove bleeding, reduce fear, anxiety and pain and put the injured in a better state. Pain medications can even be omitted with the correct usage of a remedy. Swelling and healing will be hastened. Even infection will be kept at bay with Arnica Montana. Prince Charles of England, an avid polo competitor, has been heard encouraging a team mate to use his Arnica after a nasty fall. His princely suggestion is one steeped in the Royal Family’s commitment to homeopathy.

I urge those who lead active lives, or who are simply looking for relief from life’s mishaps and spills, to embrace homeopathy. It’s the way of athletes with a mind towards overall health.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed health care provider.

Source by Joette Calabrese