High cholesterol is a growing problem, and medications to lower it are big business. Some people seem to tolerate them well, but others, as many as 20% of those taking them, have problems. Is there a natural way around them?

Cholesterol is a fat that is necessary for digestion. Your liver usually produces all you will ever need. Unfortunately, many foods can contribute to rising numbers, both vegetable and meat. Trans fats and hydrogenised oils can cause even vegetarians to develop problems. High LDL can lead to heart disease, strokes and other health problems.

Diet can help control cholesterol, but diet may not be enough. When that happens, doctors prescribe medications to help lower it. One type of medication prescribed are called statins. Combined with a low fat diet, it can substantially reduce your numbers.

Up to twenty percent of the patients taking these medications develop severe pain in their legs and may lead to other problems. Added to that, many people feel that natural remedies are better than those prescribed, and perhaps safer.

Red yeast rice could answer to that purpose. As usual, there is a caveat or two. First of all, it can cause the same problems prescription medications cause. It also comes with all of the same warnings. Second, you should coordinate this herb with your doctor and pharmacist. It can interact with other medications and some over the counter products…including alcohol.

A third thing to consider applies to anyone taking a statin, whether it’s a traditional medication or its natural alternative. Do not take goldenseal along with it, as it could lead to severe muscle damage and renal failure.

Alternative remedies can be a powerful ally in keeping healthy. Using them improperly can lead to a lot of bad results. That is why I often recommend speaking with your doctor, pharmacist and a qualified herbal practitioner. Together, they can help you stay healthy.

Source by Mary Bodel