If you are not aware of what rasta clothing is, let me take some time to explain it to you. This movement, known as the Rastafarian movement was made popular by people such as Bob Marley. The rasta color clothing is green, yellow, black and red. The most famous of all rasta clothes are the beanie and the rasta hoodie pullover sweatshirt also known as the rasta baja hoodie. These baja shirts are famous among hippies and have been given the name of hippie hoodies or drug rugs because of their association with hippie clothing.

A rasta baja hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood that is made out of the hemp like material. The fact is that there is actually no hemp in the sweaters, but they are usually a cotton, polyester and acrylic blend. These sweaters were very popular in the 80’s and most recently they have been seen on Will Smith in the movie Hancock where he wears a purple and black baja shirt.

A song about rastafarianism became popular in 2009 on SNL when Ras Trent wears a baja hoodie and sings about rastafarianism. These Mexican baja hoodies are making a comeback in 2010 and no color scheme is more popular than the rasta colored hoodie. The rasta sweatshirt along with the beanie and some fake dreads are the perfect combination to dress in rasta clothing. The sweaters are very comfortable and usually are made to be a little short from the shoulder to the bottom hem.

Source by Juan Cuervo