We know it does work; you can start the body’s healing process by targeting an effected area with essential nutrients. As I have written several articles about health in general, I can confirm about my own issues concerning arthritis and joint pain that effected several parts of my body, which I have cured myself and for some years now have been pain-free. This is a matter of making your own decision to turn your life around and take things in a new direction. I know it is possible and achievable, because I’ve been there and done it. I also know what the biggest obstacle is for most, I see this again and again; it’s the one thing that stops people succeeding to take control of their own health is this starting.

As with inflammation, joint pain, cartilage, we’ve been told once cartilage cells are damaged it is too late and the only option would be an operation. Yet there is strong prove that cartilage cells can repair themselves and restore the vital connection tissues around them. A healthy cartilage is about 70% water and it must stay hydrated to function properly and to stay free of pain. Glucosamine will keep this water in the cartilage. drawing nutrient rich fluid from the body to repair and keep the joints healthy and free of pain.That means many times there is no joint replacement surgery required; just a simple, harmless infrared light treatment can stop the pain in a matter of weeks. This is why an operation should only be done as the very last option and only if everything else has failed. Drugs are not able to solve the root-cause of your pain; they just cover up the symptoms and do damage somewhere else over time in your body.

You Feel That Urge to Have a Pill

The many who suffer know very well that a simple form of movement can make your daily activities difficult with arthritis or any other form of joint pain. You may feel an urge to have that pain pill to get a quick relief from the inflammation but these anti inflammatory pills have side effects that can lead to permanent damage to the immune system and organs if consumed over time. Instead of having these pills one should have foods that are anti inflammatory. The foods that are anti inflammatory give a more positive effect to your health. Here are some foods that are anti inflammatory, healing you faster and having an ongoing effect of healing, and they help in dealing with pain.

Foods That Are Anti Inflammatory

It being said there are thousands of edible plants in the world but humans eat just a small fraction of them. There are plants almost unheard of until recently. One of the bigger concerns at this point of time is that most don’t eat the food they know is good for them, which is crucial for better health. One of the best foods that are anti inflammatory is fish. Cold water fish such as trout, tuna or salmon are the best because they have loads of anti inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. It helps in lowering inflammation. Avoid farmed fish as much as possible. Nuts, like walnuts, almonds, cashews and most others are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, oleic acid, fibre, protein and phytochemicals which is a very good anti inflammatory food. When treating inflammation, arthritis and joints, omega is one of the most important nutrient your body needs. Cold pressed extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthiest oil for your body, which is a good source of oleic acid and is also known as anti inflammatory oil. It helps in improving the insulin function, thereby it reduces the blood sugar level. It is however not good for frying because of its low smoke point but it is great for braising and sautéing. Coconut oil for frying is a better option to use.

Cherries: Another excellent food and high in anti inflammatory are the tart cherries, because they are a reach source of antioxidants. It helps in reducing the arthritic inflammation and also reduces the risk of other inflammatory conditions like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Leafy Greens: Leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach are also part of the best foods that are anti inflammatory because they are full with antioxidants, omega-3 acids and fibre. To eliminate possible pesticides and chemicals that may accumulate on the leaves it is necessary to wash them thoroughly. Green Tea: The unfermented green tea has flavonoids which are known as catechins. The catechins are the powerful antioxidants which often are destroyed when fermented and processed. The green tea has around 27% of catechins. It helps in reducing inflammation and the symptoms of arthritis.

Apples: Apples contain quercetin which is a chemical with anti inflammatory properties. Along with other antioxidants it helps in reducing inflammation. The main part of quercetin is present in the skin of the apple; that is why the skin has a red colouring, so it is advisable to not peel off the skin before eating the apple.

Grapes: Grapes have rich anti inflammatory properties as these are high in flavonoids. Drinking pure fresh grape juice without added sugar will also decrease inflammation.

Broccoli: Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower help to enhance the immune system and it also helps to combat inflammation. These contain sulforane that increase the innate detox quality of the body and it also facilitates liver function.

A basic message here is: Eat more food, not more as in quantity, but more in terms of diversity. The best way of changing your health is the change to a healthy diet.

Source by Josef Bichler