Dry, cracked, chapped, and bloody lips are extremely unsightly. Unfortunately, many people struggle with lip issues without any relief. Many people try to fix the problem using over-the-counter chap sticks and lip balms and some go as far as getting prescription balms and steroids with little result. Curing and preventing dry, chapped lips does not require the use of harsh chemicals and drugs.

There are numerous causes for dry lips. One of the most common causes of dry lips is the cold dry weather of winter. Most people have problems with chapped lips at some point during the winter. Another extremely common cause of dry lips is excessive licking. Many people lick their lips regularly and there are enzymes in saliva that break down the skin cells of the lip making them dry and chapped. The more dry and chapped they are, the more the person licks them and it creates a vicious cycle of drying.

For every cause of dry, chapped lips, there are probably ten different natural remedies to alleviate the dryness. Perhaps the simplest and safest is rinsing the lips with a saline solution. Saline is used in hospitals instead of distilled water as a low-salt saline solution provides the optimal amount of hydration for the body. This same principal applies to hydrating soft tissue like the lips. Tea tree oil is another extremely effective remedy for dry and chapped lips. Tea tree oil is absorbed quickly by the lips and provides long-lasting hydration. Other effective choices for moisturizing the lips include aloe vera gel, cocoa butter, and rose water.

Often times, hydrating the lips is not enough to avoid dryness or cracking. Especially in the winter, the dead skin will remain on the lips making the lips look thick and the skin gets white when it gets wet. This is extremely unattractive and can lead to large peeling flakes. In order to help the body with getting rid of the dead skin cells, it is important to do some gentle exfoliation of the lips. Exfoliating the lips can be a tricky proposition as the skin on the lips is one of the most sensitive parts on the body. The easiest way to exfoliate the lips is to rub them gently in a circular motion using a soft-bristled toothbrush or a warm washcloth. After the lips are exfoliated, applying a moisturizer will soften the skin that has been exposed and prevent it from becoming dry and flakey like the skin that was just removed.

In addition to external factors, internal health issues can cause dry and cracked lips. As a result, if treating the lips with moisturizers and other external remedies does not fix the problem the mostly likely cause of the dryness and cracking is internal. An improved diet that provides proper nutrition will help but often the only way to truly address the dryness is to completely detox the body to get rid of any potential contaminants that may be causing the dryness and cracking.

Source by Sean W Russell