Not long ago an Oriental, ancient, simple way of treating common ailments–including sinus pressure, congestion and pain–has been found and is now being used by thousands in the Western world. This mostly unfamiliar, fast acting method of relief is called acupressure, not to be confused with “acupuncture” which, although based on the same healing principles, it is far more invasive and requires a professional practitioner to do it.

Acupressure uses the fingers to press key points on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body’s natural self-curative properties. Asian cultures believed that those points were junctures of special pathways that carried the human energy called chi. It is interesting that Western scientists have also mapped out and proven the existence of this system of points in the body by using sensitive electrical devices. Stimulating these points with pressure triggers the release of endorphins, which are the neurochemicals that relieve pain. As a result pain is blocked and the flow of oxygen and blood to the affected area is increased. This causes the muscles to relax thereby promoting healing.

Tension can be more damaging than many realize. It tends to concentrate around acupressure points. When due to trauma, chemical imbalances, fatigue or when a muscle is chronically tense or you are under a great deal of stress, you may have noticed difficulty in breathing. By applying finger pressure in the proper acupressure points you may be able to relieve chest tension and breathe better. Acupressure can also be very beneficial by helping the body rebalance itself. How? By dissolving tensions and stresses that inhibit the immune system, and which tend to prevent a smooth functioning of our body organs. By applying the proper amount of pressure on the right points muscle tension is dissolved, enabling the muscle fibers to stretch and relax. Blood can then flow freely and accumulated waste substances can then be better released and eliminated; allowing better inflow of oxygen and nutrients in that area.

Now that we better understand how acupressure works and why it can benefit you, let’s try an acupressure point, out of several, that can clear your sinus pressure in a matter of minutes:

In the center of the back of the head, in the large hollow under the base of the skull–where the bone ends and the soft tissue begins. You will know the exact point location by a well defined pain you will feel when pressing thereon. Using your middle or index finger press firmly and steadily for 3 – 5 minutes. Before you are through doing this acupressure point your sinuses should have started to flow nicely. If they don’t you should check to make sure you found the right acupressure spot. Acupressure should not be done right after a meal. You can do this technique several times a day, as needed.

When properly used, this ancient healing system could make the difference between healthy sinuses or sinus misery.

Source by Paul Sanchez