The rising demand for tree-based paper is starting to take a greater and greater toll on the natural ecosystem. For now, things are relatively okay. The rate of old growth deforestation is only around 10%, whereas the other 90% of tree-based paper products come from sustainable foresting practices that replace trees as trees are used. However, developers are tempted to reach into old growth forests when demand is higher, and even at the current rate of 10%, that translates to tens of thousands of acres of trees being cut down. It does not have to be this way, especially when there is an alternative plant that can be harvested multiple times a year and can grow a complete cycle in three months. That plant is hemp, and until now there have not been very many hemp paper options. That is starting to change, and the true beginning has launched with the offering of hemp toilet paper.

What better place to start than something we come in contact with, very closely, almost every day? Everybody uses toilet paper frequently, and thus it is an industry which has an extremely high turnover and absolute demand level. It also doesn’t help that toilet paper really is made of 100% tree, and there is no other material filling it in. If we could replace even a small portion of the bath tissue paper industry with hemp, then humanity would be in a much better position ecologically.

Hemp is the perfect crop for replacing paper products because it is far more renewable than trees. Hemp is capable of being harvested multiple times a year and can grow to fruition in a mere three months. Better still, it can be grown nearly anywhere in the world, so there is no need for only one geographical area to develop a specialty for hemp. This will also drive costs down, as if the raw materials need to be transported a lower distance, then savings will be accrued from lower fuel requirements and more efficiency in general.

There are also health concerns to be noted. Hemp toilet paper is healthier because it is free of bleaching agents and other chemicals used to process regular alternatives. Considering how easy it is for these chemicals to enter our bodies due to the way toilet paper is used, it is no small matter that hemp is free of these problems and troubles.

Source by Justin Kander