She is a neat, lean, dark-haired woman. I asked her if she would like a tea break as she had been testing my husband before me and I had noticed another client leaving as we arrived. I was concerned about her energy levels. However, she quickly pointed out that an eight a.m. start was normal for her and that her diet allowed her work for hours without a break. I noted the bag of hemp seeds open on her desk.

As I was answering her question on my daily routine, I was scanning the walls… children’s colourful pictures of auras, multi-coloured plastic eye glasses, an assortment of random vials and bottles, many of them dark coloured. I wondered how she could find anything amongst the chaos. I couldn’t help but judge the children’s artistic aura pictures, trying to identify which one I was most attracted to. On one level, in my imagination, I was a judge on a TV art competition and was being asked to choose a winner and on another level I was trying to focus and explain why last September, I had left a good job!

That is a difficult one to explain to any normal person. We have a hefty mortgage with nine years left on it, utility bills, mortgage protection, credit card debts etc. I worked in a wonderful place, with great people who were passionate about their work, with families that filled me with admiration for the way they overcame so many obstacles and challenges. My salary was decent enough, even with the cuts due to the recession. I was valued and knew my job inside out. But somehow I felt like I was clinging on to a cliff ledge by my finger nails, ready to fall into the abyss. I needed to get out. I needed my own space, time, rest. I needed to let someone else save the world. (A bit dramatic!)

After proclaiming that my mind was like a grasshopper, flitting from one thing to another (not news), Mary introduced an elderly woman, ‘Joan’ to me and said that she would be using her as a channel for my tests. I felt an ‘hmmmm’ rising along with my eyebrows, but said nothing. Mary came highly recommended and I had seen how my sister had benefited from her consultation a couple of months back. I decided that ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’, I would suspend cynicism and go with it.

She explained that she was aligned to the energy of her friend and found her easy to calibrate. Mary asked me to put my hand on Joan’s left arm and she proceeded to pull vial after vial from a box, rapidly, holding them against her shoulder while Joan, in turn, held her right arm and hand straight out in front of her. Mary would attempt to push Joan’s arm down and depending on the amount of resistance Joan had, she determined whether I was intolerant or not to the substance contained within said vial.

‘Your energy levels are at five percent, no wonder you couldn’t work!’ RELIEF. ‘Your metabolic rate is at seven percent, you couldn’t lose weight no matter what diet you tried!’ MORE RELIEF. ‘Your aura is all over the place, disjointed. It’s like balls are being thrown at you and you just can’t catch them all. They are hitting your body and you have no defence!’ I could feel tears welling up. This person ‘got’ me.

I was gluten intolerant. I also reacted to broccoli, mushrooms, sweetcorn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green peppers, most fruit and all grains and of course I was allergic to shell-fish, which I already knew. Mary explained that my body was in a state of inflammation most of the time, trying to deal with substances which were toxic to it. My body was highly stressed! I left with hope and a prescription for a medley of supplements.

Within a month I could feel renewed energy. Within six months I had lost one and a half stone! I returned to Mary after six months to see how the land lay. My energy levels were at 80% and my metabolic rate was normal. I no longer needed the supplements. I was able to re-introduce organic potatoes once or twice a week and some fruit. Gluten is still a problem. I can live with that! Of my own family who tested with Mary, three were gluten intolerant, two were lactose intolerant, one was also intolerant of oats and tomatoes and one was intolerant of tea bags, not the tea. All have found a huge difference in their quality of life, less headaches, migraines, IBS symptoms, rashes, exhaustion and they have noticed varying degrees of weight loss. I can’t say whether kinesiology works as a science or whether it’s just a placebo vehicle, but I do know that I will not be introducing gluten into my life again.

Source by Martine Murphy