Do you have a new cat? Or maybe you just want to brush up on your feline knowledge. Either way, read on for some insight into your cat and it’s ways.

oCats and kittens are highly independent creatures. While their personalities differ, they all absolutely value their freedom. For instance, if your cat is new, you will notice in a short amount of time whether or not it is a lap cat. If it doesn’t care to sit for hours curled in your lap, do not force the issue. This will only lead to frustration on the part of the owner and the cat. And even a lap cat does not like held against it’s will. Forcing a cat unnecessarily to do something is never a good idea, with few exceptions… such as when you must give your cat medicine!

oAlso, cats and kittens typically like to PLAY! Keep a few cat toys and yarn around for your cat to enjoy. I keep mine in a basket by the sofa, and my cat will actually go choose a toy when she wants to play. From elaborate devices that move on their own to simply string, cats have a ball chasing and tackling moving targets.

oCats tend to be clean. They spend quite a bit of time bathing themselves. They like clean litter boxes (can’t stress this enough). They also dislike their food and water placed too close to their litter area. If you have a long-haired cat, he or she may need some assistance in grooming… brush them gently with a cat brush.

oCats scratch. They scratch furniture, walls, carpets. It is a natural and biological behavior for your cat. If you do not believe in declawing your cat, invest in a scratching post as an alternative for your cat. It will save you both some headaches.

oMale cats may spray. They do this to mark territory. You may also notice this behavior when the cat feels threatened. To prevent this from occurring, it is best to have your cat neutered. Consult your veterinarian for the preparation details.

oCats and kittens sleep. The term ‘cat nap’ isn’t a coincidence! They nap on and off most of the day, and can tend to prowl at night. Allow them their rest. If you insist on disturbing them over and over, you will be dealing with one crabby kitty.

oCats like to chew on plants. And then they often like to throw up on your sofa. Keeping plants out of reach for the cat is a good idea. Also, be very aware of plants that are poisonous to cats. Azalea, aloe vera, and mistletoe are just a few plants that can be poisonous to cats.

oFor the most part, cats are their own best judge of how much they should eat. Feed them cat food, wet or dry. Check with your veterinarian if you feel your cat has special dietary needs. Cats, like humans, require some variety in their diet. Offer them new flavors or bands of food. However, table scraps are NOT recommended. Feeding your cat table craps can most importantly lead to obesity and health problems… and may cause your cat to turn up it’s nose to cat food! And a word about milk: we all have seen the cute pictures of kittens lapping at a bowl of milk. Proceed with caution; it is my experience that milk causes intestinal problems for cats. Your cat can end up with a nasty case of diarrhea.

Cats are very interesting creatures – enjoy yours! Some are loving, some are quirky, some are mysterious. All will make you laugh!

Source by Twyla Strogen