We shouldn’t really be justifying reasons why people love cats. We just do. To cats lovers, loving cats is just as natural as breathing, watching our favorite movie for an entire day, or even eating a large chunk of food every once in a while for the knack of it – even when we’re on a diet – heck, especially when we’re on a diet. However, there are some specific things cats do which make a person fall in love with them, knowingly or unknowingly.

Cats are great teachers

Cats are great teachers. Unlike humans who try to please someone, be it their parents, siblings or loved ones, cats really don’t care. They live their lives pleasing only themselves, while still showing their own love and affection for their owners in a unique way. And we love them for it because they teach us something – it’s okay to not be a people-pleaser. But still, cats owners still have fun being with their cats – despite all these. They still genuinely enjoy the cats’ presence, even when they’re silent and in solitude.

Cats are great sleep aid

The purring of a cat is one of the most calming sounds for humans. It makes us feel relaxed, and generally feel good about ourselves. The sound is so calming it can drive even the most sleep-deprived person into dream wonderland. And, the fur of a cat is one of the softest things a human would ever have the privilege of touching. After a hard day at work, take away your sleeping aids and every other disturbances, and just lie on your bed with you and your cat. It would be a great sleep therapy for you.

Cats make the economy go around

People invest in the latest toys, catnip, litter, treats or even vet care all for their cats. If you own one, you’d understand what I mean. Once we see a product description that says “Cats love this” and we read the reviews to back up such claim, we’d immediately want to buy it. And that is one of the ways that we show love and affection to our cats. But, little did we know that we also help the economy big time. It’s a win-win for everyone! You’re happy, your cats are happy and America would definitely thank you.

Cats are unique

Cats are beautiful, cute, fluffy and unique. Every cat has its own personality and uniqueness. They’re like a light in our darkest days because they bring joy and happiness into our lives. Their purring, their fur, even the way they snub their owners still make us fall in love with them over and over again. Their beauty doesn’t fade over time, quite opposite. They get beautiful the older they get. Not only that, but they have a large life span.

Cats require less outdoor activities

Unlike dogs, cats are not involved in outdoors activities. They do not need to be walked, neither do they catch a ball you throw at them. This makes you use lesser time in taking care of your cats. And sometimes, they might even prefer isolation. Just a back rub every now and then, play with them, feed them and smuggle them is all you need to keep a cat.

Source by Karina Popa