Your wife is in the kitchen happily preparing the evening meal when all of a sudden the chicken she is frying splatters grease abruptly onto her arm. We all can appreciate the amount of pain that is usually accompanied with such an emergency.

Few people realize that a common ingredient often found in any well stocked cook’s kitchen can quickly and effectively relive these types of pains associated with minor burns. This product is the pure vanilla flavoring that your wife or mother may use when making candy or cakes.

You will often find that many victims of burns will suffer the associated pain for a considerable amount of time while they rush to their local pharmacy to obtain burn medication. What they don’t realize is that this is simply not necessary. This nearby relief can not only ease the pain experienced from a burn but will also deter the blisters which usually result.

The first step that you should take when you experience a burn is to grab your bottle of pure vanilla extract from within your cupboard or kitchen pantry. Make sure it is the pure extract and not the less expensive imitation versions.

You will next need to determine whether you will need to apply the vanilla with a cotton swab or by a ball. This is accomplished by examining the size of the burn that you have. If your burn happens to be in a crease of your skin then it is best that you use a cotton swab. The cotton ball should be used in the event that the burn occurs in a sensitive area of your body.

Moisten either the cotton swab or the ball with a generous supply of the vanilla extract by holding the applicator over the sink and pouring the vanilla extract over it until it is well soaked. Do not place the swab or ball directly onto the opening of the vanilla extract bottle or you risk contaminating the remaining contents of the bottle.

Gently roll the ball or swab over the burned area of your body. Squeeze out any excess quantities of the vanilla extract onto your skin when you are finished. Wait for a short period of time in order to obtain relief from the pain of the burn and then reapply the vanilla extract as often as necessary.

I now keep a small bottle of the pure vanilla extract in my first aid supplies just in case someone in the family should receive an accidental burn.

Source by Joseph Parish