Indoor cats just do not get enough exercise in their daily lives. The confines of the house do not allow for much physical activity, other than the frisky ones who love to play with toys frequently. Still, playing does not provide enough exercise on its own.

If your cat is the indoor variety, you might have always thought it would be impossible to walk your cat as you would a dog. Although it makes sense that this activity would be good for the well-being of your feline friend, many cat owners just assume that they would just pull out of the collar and run off. And this is exactly what would happen if you did not take these walks the proper way.

Indoor cats can be trained to enjoy an outing outdoors by using a leash and a harness. You have to buy a cat harness because a regular cat collar is made so the cat can slip out of it, preventing him from being hurt if snagged on a tree limb, or something else.

Choose a harness specifically made for cats, and not for dogs. It should be in a figure-8 design, Harnesses, as do collars, come in a large variety of sizes, styles, and colors, with lightweight leashes to match.

When taking your cat for a walk, do not expect him to do the same thing s a dog does when he is on a walk. For instance a cat will not heal, and will probably prefer to wander and explore more. If possible let him do it, as he will get the most enjoyment by doing it his way. Along the way, make sure and offer your cat plenty of praise and treats to keep him focused on being good.

Never leave your cat tied and and unattended for any length of time. This leaves him vulnerable to attack from another animal. He could also end up suspended from a tree or something else, providing a terrifying time for your pet.

Remember to be patient with your cat whenever you take him for a walk. Barking dogs, cars driving by, or even other people, might cause your kitty to tense up and become skittish on occasion, but the more often you treat him to a walk, the more he will get used to it, and learn to enjoy it. In the end, your indoor cat will be in much better shape and health than one who lies around the house all day, every day.

Source by Greg Parsons