It’s somewhat easy, although, also, simplistic, to say, you should LOVE yourself, but, what, exactly, does that mean, represent, and require? Are you, worthy of loving yourself, or are you, proceeding, with a false, sense of your own, self – worth/ value? What do you do, which makes you, endearing? What are your strengths, and weaknesses, and, what is it, about, you, others, would, either, be attracted to, or turned – off? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and how you might use it, to your personal benefit, etc.

1. Listen; learn; like; lessons: Never assume you have all the answers, so commit, to proceeding with the level of discipline/ commitment, to consistently, become better! Listen to recommendations, and, even criticisms, with an open – mind, in order to become more comfortable, in your own skin! Before you can come close, to loving yourself, you must first, like, how you proceed, behave, and your actions! Using all lessons, to your best advantage, enhances your personal perspective, and attempt towards, self – help, etc!

2. Options; opportunities; open – mind: Will you consider your options, with an open – mind, and do, everything possible, to recognize, and take advantage of the finest opportunities, and, become better, etc?

3. Views; visions; value; values; valuable: What about you, is most valuable, and positive, and what to you do, which enhances your personal values, in a meaningful way? Do you consider yourself, truly, valuable, and are your views, in alignment, with, the value, you seek, and desire?

4. Excellence; efforts; enrich; empathy; endurance: Will you, and do you, often, settle for good – enough, rather than demanding your utmost personal excellence, consistently? How do your efforts, enrich, both you, and others, around you? When you are truly, a person, with genuine empathy, you learn, quite a bit, and become, a more attractive individual, to others? Doesn’t it, usually, make one feel better, about himself, when others, are more welcoming, and responsive, to you? Will you proceed, with the level of endurance, to take things, to fruition, instead of, often, giving – up, and looking at the negatives? Are you ready, willing, and able, to accentuate the positives, and to seek a greater degree of self – help? How will you address maximizing your self – confidence?

Should you like, and/ or, LOVE yourself? Have you earned it? Will you do so? Are you committed to this task?

Source by Richard Brody